Monday, March 16, 2015

Art Cabinet Organization!

Hey folks!
Before and After shot!

When I first started blogging, a sweet friend of mine shared that she needed some ideas about how to clear up counter space in her kitchen.  I initially thought that I was probably the worst person to ask, but then I realized that this was just the motivation I needed to do something about it! So, I started wracking my brain, and with a little help from IKEA (of course!), I realized that if I maximized my cabinet space through careful organization I could clear up some counter space.

The counter madness...

So, I began with our art supply cabinet…. Here it is in all its chaotic glory before the organization began.... (Please don’t judge me…. )

That cabinet be cray-cray, yo

As you may of guessed by now, I’m a bit of a crafter and that translates into my stay-at-home mom life. So, our art stash is constantly growing and constantly in use, and the disorganization can be a bit…. Frustrating. So, Saturday night (after a delightful trip to Ikea), I got to work.

This is what I used:
Flyt Magazine File (IKEA) – comes in a 5 pack      = $1.49
Tupperware Bins (already had)                                   = $0.00
Wire File Folder Rack (already had)                           = $0.00
Total                                                                                  = $1.49

I simply put the file bins together and just started organizing the mess. I used the tupperware bins to store items that were alike and placed them all in one place: markers, crayons, paintbrushes, chalk, etc.  The file holders were used to sort activity/art books and craft paper. I also was able to use them for miscellaneous craft items like pipe cleaners, goggly eyes, play dough.  The wire rack holds sticker books, which I need pretty readily (I have a sticker fiend in my household!), and it also holds other things we use regularly- wipes for painting projects and her favorite crayon box. They're upfront and ready for use so I don't have to scavenge when my little crafter comes calling. 

As I continued to organize, it dawned on me that there’s more room than I realized.  So, I was able to fit more and more stuff. LOL! There is even space to store Nugget’s growing pile of artwork behind all the file holders, and that has been the biggest concern because she has a very healthy pile. For now, the plan is to reevaluate all my cabinets and start organizing more efficiently- I’ll keep you posted as I find more ideas, and please share any tips of your own in the comments below! 

Organization makes my heart happy

Finally a place for her previous projects! 

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Happy organizing! I’ll be seeing y’all soon! Until then, take care!


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